What Is a Wrongful Death?

Interviewer: I have heard the term wrongful death. What does that mean? What are wrongful death cases?

An Individual Whose Death Was Bought about by the Negligence of another Party Is Considered to Have Suffered a Wrongful Death

Daniel Hoarfrost: Wrongful death just means someone whose death was brought about by the negligence of another party so in that sense it was wrongful. It wasn’t just a natural event.

And in that event the heirs, typically family members of the deceased party, have a right to bring a claim for a whole list of damages including pain and suffering that the deceased party went through before passing away. They can also apply for economic damages and compensation for medical bills.

But they also have a right to make a claim for the loss of companionship and affection basically between themselves and the deceased party. Wrongful death claims are obviously very serious and large claims if you can demonstrate that the death was brought about by someone else’s negligence.

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