Injuries Attributed to Auto Accidents

Interviewer: Let’s start with some of the most common injuries or injury cases attributed to with auto accidents. What can you tell us about those types of injuries? What’s the most common time of day that accidents occur?

There Are a Number of Auto Accidents during the Rush Hour Periods of the Day

Daniel Hoarfrost: There’s no real planning for when an accident can occur. They occur any and all times although rush hour generally produces quite a few. In terms of legal claims auto collisions are by far the most common type of injury claim.

What Injuries Are Most Commonly Attributed to Auto Accidents?

Interviewer: And what type of injury occurs in an auto accident?

Daniel Hoarfrost: Well it runs the full gamut of injuries. There are low impact injuries; what is referred to as soft tissue or sometimes known as whiplash cases which are awfully common.

You do see all kinds of other injuries included closed head injuries and broken bones. The severity of the injuries depends on the individual circumstances of each accident.

Do Seatbelts Aggravate or Prevent Injuries to Passengers in Auto Accidents?

Interviewer: Do you ever see any seatbelt injuries happen?

Daniel Hoarfrost: Well often times you see bruising. That can make you wonder if in some ways the seatbelt may have aggravated the injury as much as it prevented other injuries.

Interviewer: How would that effect a case if someone in a situation was involved in a fender bender but the injury was mostly caused by the seatbelt? Maybe the resulting injury was a bruised sternum or something like that?

In Oregon, the Amount of Damages Awarded Can Be Reduced If the Injured Party Was Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Daniel Hoarfrost: Any injury that is caused by the collision or a natural after effect of the collision is a recoverable injury. So the irony of it is in Oregon, the defense can reduce the amount of damages if they can show that seatbelts were not being used. Although there are some times when it does appear that the seatbelt might make the injury a little worse.

As you review any individual case, you look at the facts and try to determine what exactly occurred and what injuries are related specifically to the negligent act – that being the collision between the vehicles. Anything you can establish by proof is a recoverable element of injury.

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