Hit and Run Drivers

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By definition, a hit-and-run driver does not stop and swap insurance information with you. So does this mean that when you are the victim of this kind of outrage, you will have to pay out of pocket to repair the damage? No, it does not.

I, Daniel Hoarfrost, have helped many individuals obtain compensation for hit-and-run damage. The main difference from conventional accidents is that the hit-and-run driver may not be doing the compensating.

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Compensation to Compensation for Portland Hit-and-Run Driver Accidents

  • First, it is sometimes possible to identify the driver. Witnesses may have seen the accident, or the driver (who may be drunk) may be involved in another accident further down the road. I conduct research to see if the driver can be identified.
  • Second, there may be another possible source for compensation. Perhaps the condition of the road you were on — poor signage, potholes, a sharp turn — may have contributed to the crash. Perhaps an airbag failed to deploy, worsening the injury.
  • Third, I consider your car insurance. Your policy carries uninsured motorist coverage, which means that your own insurance will reimburse you for your injury. This extra coverage is required in Oregon drivers’ policies, and it covers injuries to anyone in your immediate family. The injury doesn’t even need to have occurred in your vehicle. In the case of a “hit and run driver,” the policy always requires that you make a report to the police about the incident, so you should take care of that right away.

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