What Are the Common Emotional Reactions after an Auto Collision?

Interviewer: So what have you witnessed about peoples’ emotional state, when it comes to both hit and run and just automobile accidents in general?

Daniel Hoarfrost: Well, that really varies a lot with the case. It’s always an upsetting incident, even very minor collisions get people upset. Obviously, if it’s a really scary collision or frequently people may have just barely avoided a serious collision, and are able to contain it to a minor physical result, but their emotions are still running very high.

It is always an upsetting situation when you get injured, and then you have the kind of drudgery of the recovery phase, and that drags on for a length of time and it’s not really fun to go through.

After an Accident, Is Your Response in Proportion to the Harm You Have Experienced?

With most people involved in an accident, it always comes down to: is their response reasonable in proportion to the harm that was done to them? The at-fault party is responsible for all the reasonable consequences of their acts.

It Is Important Not to Over-react Emotionally but Also Not to Under-treat Any Injuries You Have Sustained

But an injured party can overdo it. And that sometimes works against them. So the trick is you never want to under-treat. You want to make sure all your medical situations get appropriate treatment, but by the same token, if you’re considered to have over-treated and over-reacted to the whole situation, it can work against you.

So there really is no certain advice to be given. You basically have to just respond to the facts as they develop.

When in Doubt, Consult an Attorney for Advice on How to Proceed after an Auto Collision

One of the reasons for getting an attorney involved is that through their experience, they can advise you on the best course of action, as the injured party. I’ve also had situations where I’ve had to tell people they probably ought to curtail their treatment because it may end up working against them in terms of recovering.

It’s always a judgment call, and a matter of exercising your best judgment under the circumstances.

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